Some basic tuning and you’re off!

As proof the Nite is a strictly-controlled, one-design class, one will notice an obvious lack of “go-fast” information within this site. There’s just no need to “trick up” the boat.



  1. Set the boat up on its runners with the sail hanging freely on the boom.
  2. Adjust the forestay so the boom hangs parallel with the horizon.
  3. Finally, adjust sidestays so they are finger tight with no one in the boat.


That’s it, go race.  It’s a fast, basic starting point. Over time, you may experiment with stay tension, but most don’t.


In bigger winds, keep it flat.

The Nite goes fastest when sailed flat on the ice. Sailing with one runner in the air is exciting, but s-l-o-w. Four ways to control hiking:

  1. Aggressively play the mainsheet in-and-out on big puffs. Don’t worry about the boat slowing down. It won’t.
  2. Carry extra weight, such as bags of lead placed in the storage area behind the seat. Total skipper + lead weight can be as much as 300 pounds oin big wind and the boat will remain fast.  Carry just enough lead so the boat feels lively going upwind.  If it doesn't attempt to hike every so often, then remove some lead.  Swings of 25 pounds at a time is just fine.
  3. Pinch, especially in big puffs. Once the puff has passed, quickly put the bow back down to retain speed. If you’re pinching all the way around the course, you need more weight.
  4. If still having problems keeping the boat flat, ease the sidestays off an inch at a time. 


In lighter winds, go for speed.

Upwind, bear off as much as 70 degrees to the wind and ease the sheet so the telltales on the windward and leeward side of the luff are flowing. As the boat picks up speed, the windward telltale will begin to stall and flutter. Trim until the windward telltale begins to flow again. In time, you’ll gain enough speed to head a proper course upwind.


Sailing off the wind in light winds is essentially the same, but slightly more challenging. Sail roughly 90 degrees to the wind, and trim the mainsheet to keep both telltales on the luff flowing.   Once up to speed, you can bear off.

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Nite Nationals

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