Ice is never safe.  Nor is iceboating.

You are always responsible for your own safety

With some common sense and a high level of awareness, the dangers of iceboating can be minimized, but they never go away. There is no complete checklist that can cover all potential problems, but this is a start.


Ice conditions. Only race in an area that has been thoroughly scouted for possible cracks, holes, thin ice and debris. Never assume conditions have not changed, even from the prior day as cracks, heaves and holes can develop at a moment’s notice.


Know the rules. Before beginning a race, make sure EVERY competitor is aware of the rules of iceboating. They are short and concise, but not the same as softwater.  Three big points:

  1. All upwind boats have right-of-way over all downwind boats.
  2. When two boats are sailng upwind on the same tack, the leeward boat has right-of-way, but two boats sailing downwind on the same tack, the windward boat has right-of-way.
  3. Any boat overtaking another from behind must stay clear of the boat they are passing. The common application of this rule is during leeward mark roundings.  Once the leading boat begins to round the mark, any boat approaching from behind must stay clear.   


Helmets. They're required by rule.  Snowmobile and motorcycle helmets will work in a pinch, but they're heavy and can limit visibility. Most racers are wearing downhill ski helmets due to their comfortable, lightweight design.


The Bottom Line.  You, and only you, are responsible for your own safety.  The content within this website is intended to provide general ice condition information but does not warrant or imply the ice is suitable for any activity.

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