Iceboat regattas are highly dependent upon weather and ice conditions, and therefore details as to location, lodging, etc. come together just days before racing begins. Amazingly, it always works. The key to participating is knowing the dates and being ready to travel once the location is announced.

2016 Nite Nationals

Nite Nationals are scheduled each year for the third weekend in January. For 2016, that's January 16th and 17th. Preliminary location will be announced on the Sunday prior, January 10th, with a final call made by noon on Thursday, January 14th. Should it be determined that conditions are not suited for racing, the regatta will be postponed a week at a time until the regatta takes place. Should a postponement overlap with the ISA regatta, the ISA will take precedence.


All members of the International Nite Racing Association are eligible and welcome to participate.  Membership is $15 and the regatta fee is $20.   Registration takes place on the ice the morning of the regatta.   A maximum of 8 races are sailed, with no more than five races sailed on any given day.


Due to rapid fleet growth, racing will be split into two fleets with trophies 1-10 for both fleets.  Fleet selection is entirely up to each racer.   Fleets will sail together or in one-after-another races depending on participation and wind conditions.  The final decision will be made Saturday morning at the safety meeting.  


For the benefit of first-time competitors:

  • The location to launch and set up your boat will be specified in the regatta announcement on the Thursday prior.  In some locations due to thin ice or local regulations, trailers may only be pushed onto the ice.  
  • If you do drive on the ice, drive on the shoreside of boats already set up. This keeps the sand and grit carried by your car and trailer away from the sailing area.
  • Be on the ice by 8:30 Saturday morning.  This gives you time to setup your boat, register, and ask any competitor questions you may have.  They WILL take the time to help you.  You just have to ask.
  • A skippers' meeting will be held in the launch area prior to racing around 9 AM.  Attendence is an absolute must as known safety issues are covered.  Do not sail until completion of the meeting.
  • In some locations, racing begins at 10 AM with a break for lunch between the 3rd and 4th races.  In others, racing begins at 11 AM with all five races run back-to-back. Therefore, always take something to eat and drink with you out to the course.  
  • Competitors can leave clothing bags, coolers, toolbags, etc. in piles near the starting area.  


If you're interested in attending but have further questions, please contact any of the officers listed by email.

2016 International Skeeter Association Championship

Known as the ISA, the International Skeeter Association Championship is a three-day event including multiple classes of skeeter iceboats. For 2016, the regatta is initially scheduled for January 8-10th.


Each class races separately. As soon as one fleet finishes, the next fleet lines up. It's an entertaining rotation of racing...and spectating. Registration is usually on the ice the first day.  


Details all come together at the end, similar to the Nite Nationals. The Sunday prior, an announcement will be made (and posted here) to notify whether suitable conditions exist. A final location is usually announced the Wednesday prior.

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