By design, every boat is the same.

It's a unique feature within the Nite class – a tightly-controlled scantling that assures every boat racing is essentially the same. This philosophy appeals to sailors who enjoy the challenge of a day’s racing without spending a week in advance futzing in the workshop. Want to trick out your Nite? Forget-about-it.  


This tight, one-design class has blossomed to nearly 600 boats. With close racing front-to-back and a comfortable, semi-upright seating position, the Nite class is seeing a resurgence as new racers fan their enjoyment of competition without melting their pocketbooks.


By rule, every hull must come from the class building, S&R Marine, in Pewaukee, WI.  

Cruisers turn racers

It's no secret the Nite is a highly sought after iceboat for cruising. Easy to transport. Easy to setup. Easy to maintain.  


But every year, a few cruisers give racing a try . . . and they're hooked.  Boat handling gets smoother. Trimming becomes more exact. And before one knows, the competitive spirit takes over. It's race on!


While someone's "home ice" may be snowed out, the racers get more days of sailing each winter because the organization works to find suitable ice.  A few hours drive is usually all it takes.  

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